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Advertising ADDA is a group of like minded advertising companies in the market who believes in giving customers an effortless experience of identifying endless advertising options without any geographical boundaries and with 100% transparency and personal touch.

Advertising ADDA is not just a simple online portal but it is an huge effort to reconstruct the entire outdoor advertising marketplace. It is to eliminate huge amount of effort that each customer has to put to identify different advertising options, implementation partners and then humongous effort to browse and analyze numerous excel-sheet and power-points. It is just to simplify purchasing of outdoor advertising options.

It is a one stop shop to complete your outdoor advertising plan. You need not to go to different advertising agencies to find different options across different cities, Advertising ADDA gives you all at one place with their comprehensive partner network covering 80-90% of the available market options at best available prices.

It works the same way as you deal with any advertising agency. You just need to select your best options and then Advertising ADDA will do the rest for you. We will do best negotiation with partner agencies and give you the final quotation to follow your organization's purchase process.

No. We understand that most of the corporates have their own purchase process and sometime making an online payment may not be possible. We welcome all sort of payment mode like online, cash, cheque and demand draft.

Our team will revert with final quotation within 24 hours post your final request submission on Advertising ADDA website.

No. Our rates are specially negotiated rates with partners. We help our partners to cut down on their marketing budgets and a part of it has been pass over as savings to Advertising ADDA customers.

Our Partners

Strenght, Integrity and Trust is what we have with our partners in crime :)